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In the 1960s Breguet designed the first generation of Type XX watch for the French naval aviation. Breguet re-interpretation of its famous military chronograph, and in the technical modernization of the introduction of the Breguet Type XXII replica watches series watch The Watch the technical exploration focused on the use of silicon materials, showing excellent performance.

swiss best quality breguet type xxii replica watches

Ref Breguet Type XXII 3880 ST chronograph watch, the movement frequency up to 10 Hz, is the world's first 10 Hz ultra-high vibration frequency mechanical movement of the watch.This watch case diameter of 44 mm, wearing it look domineering, the case to build stainless steel, fine grinding process will be full of modern steel texture of the metal texture of the exposed. Watch with a sapphire crystal glass table mirror, solid mirror wear mirror, clear light, fixed in a 60-minute scale with a two-way rotating bezel under the bezel edge gear type pit pattern even if the rotation , But also for the watch to add a bit tough tough temperament. Watch with a gear-shaped crown, exudes a bit tough industrial atmosphere, the top of the crown printed with a flower body "B" logo, highlight the distinguished brand identity, the crown on both sides of the upper and lower sides are this The timing of the watch and pause button and timer clear button, with flyback function, only one operation can make the clock back to zero and quickly restart. This watch case shape is still using the Type XXII Breguet Replica is a classic coin-type shell, fully display the Breguet watch in the details of the subtle style of modification.Simply put, if you have no enough money to buy the original Breguet watch, why not add Breguet Breguet Type XXII replica watches to your wish list? it is a really nice-looking watch lots of details copied skillfully.

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