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Breguet Hora Mundi Fake Watches Breguet has applied for more than 100 patents over the past 10 years. The Classique Hora Mundi, launched in 2011, is the world's first mechanical watch with instantaneous jump time zone display, sync date memory, day / night and city indication. Which lasted three years of design and development, optional three dial: North and South America, Eurasia or Asia and Oceania, 18K rose gold or 950 platinum. Travelers can easily read the time of the two preselected time zones, just press a button, you can not interfere with the travel time instantly switch from one time zone to another time zone. The stop system ensures that the time zone does not affect the time during the setup process, and that the synchronization date and day / night instructions are also achieved through the "tracking" calendar system.

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In 1942, Lucca City, Italy, precision watch craftsman Officine Fontana accepted a glorious task from the Italian Navy: for the army to design and manufacture a new watch. For political reasons, this project has never started, nor has any product. In 2000, Ilo Fontana's grandson, Italo Fontana, accidentally met the design of that period, which became the source of inspiration for creating U-Boat U watches. Italo Fontana saw his grandfather's design first thought that it was a new dimension of time. This intuition has become the inspiration for the entire U-Boat U-boat watch series. Breguet Hora Mundi Fake Watches

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Breguet Hora Mundi 5717 - can set the time zone to display the world when the watch.Some of the world's watches,breguet type xxii replica in the adjustment or reading is really complicated to call people want to give up, but this is only clear and easy to use. And in the world when the watch on the blind pursuit of complex brands, Breguet spent three years to develop the Classique 5717 Hora Mundi on the contrary, simple and easy to operate dial. Retained the name of the big city, but save the 24-hour display and the second time zone hour pointer.

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