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To make a breakthrough today in the luxury watch industry is quite a feat.Only those that are innovative and unique survive.And in the world of watches that means two things - to be distinctive by design or by the mechanical properties of its movements.alo Fontana founded U-Boat in the location of Lucca, Italy. The company started life in the year 2000 as a fashion brand and predominantly sold in high-end boutiques.U-boat U-42 replica wacthes The model we received for review was originally inspired by the original design dating from 1942, and was named U-42.

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U-boat U-42 is distinguished by its hefty case design, which sits tall on the wrist and is set off by a large rotating bezel. A patented folding crown reduces the profile a bit compared to the usual U-Boat screw-on crown cap. Massive steampunk situation design is of significant dimensions - 16mm thick, 47mm diameter and 55mm lug-to-lug, and it is challenging even going to the strong wrists. However the consolation would be that the watch is totally made from a really light metal - titanium of very dark anthracite color that accentuates the situation lines and also the military look.

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Like several U-42s, each watch belongs to a numbered limited number of 999 pieces. All U-42s possess a plaque along the side of their situation to point the serial number (non chrono models also indicate the serial around the dial). Each is available in an enormous stainless presentation situation, numbered to complement the timepiece. Buy U-Boat Replica has always done a fantastic job with presentation of their limited editions, and also the U-42 isn't any exception.U-boat U-42 replica wacthes Strap is of incredible softness and patina that usually comes with years of wear, blended with a fantastic design.To learn more about U-boat replica watches, click on our website and we offer the highest quality replica watch at a reasonable price and exquisite workmanship.

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